The artwork you are viewing was created on a Mac computer, using a Wacom Drawing tablet
      with a pressure sensitive stylus. An evolutionary step up from a mouse., with greater control over hand drawn lines.
          The software was Metacreations Painter 5.0 now Coral Painter and  Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and with this software  I am able to render and creative images by adding effects such as textures and lighting.
         The majority of my digital drawing ideas began with my photographs. When I began painting on the computer it was both time consuming and awkward as one can imagine.  Like most artist I was familiar with Oil, watercolor , acrylics, pencils , crayons , charcoal and brushes.
         Technology today has open up to me and many artist a brand new media.       (The Gaming Industry as one example)  Take a look at my digital pieces and see how my skills have been enhanced , which has greatly added to my artistry.
My first digital painting in 2009
​Ola Onabule.

​First Digital CD Cover
April 2000​
And over 18 years experience
​on the Digital Format​
' Electric Glide"  Mixed media of my 2 of photo's and digital filters
My photos with  painted  digital patterns